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Climbing Towers

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Corinda Chandler's albums reveal a diversity of her evolving musical style inspired by many genres of music.
Climbing Towers is her third album. Her debut album For The Love Of It ( Cori Chandler)was written and produced by Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame artist Ray Griff. In Nov 2015 teamed up with Michael Dodds on This Unexpected Love. Climbing Towers is their second album together

Corinda Chandler's debut album For The Love Of It (recorded as Cori Chandler)was written and produced by Canadian Country Music and SOCAN Hall of Fame artist Ray Griff : recorded at County Q Studio Nashville and Night Deposit Studios in Calgary .The first singles charted in the top 1oo CANCOUNTRY chart . The subsequent singles released to International radio consistently charted on the European Country Music Association and EMS charts . If I Reached You held a top 5 position on the ECMA top 100 Country Chart. In November 2015 Corinda Chandler released This Unexpected Love. Teaming up with Michael Dodds, the two recorded, edited ,mastered and produced the entire project including the photography and cover design as well Michael plays all instruments on the album.

In the past year Corinda and Michael have been performing songs from This Unexpected Love and For The Love Of It and are releasing a second album November 2016, Climbing Towers.

This Unexpected Love: Click to view Hi-Rs version of Album image

This Unexpected Love

"This Unexpected Love" Is Corinda Chandler's first new album release since her debut album "for The Love Of It" Over the last several months Corinda has been collaborating with Michael Dodds to bring you this new album. For all those that believe that anything is possible ……

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For the Love of It

Corinda Chandler's debut album "For the Love of It" (adult contemporary, new country) as recorded in 2001, and released in 2002, with several singles released to Canadian radio and international radio over 2002-2003. (it is the album thumbnail to the right, below)

Cori Chandler collaborated with country music legend Ray Griff on her debut album. Recorded at Nashville County Q studio (in Nashville, Tennessee) and Night Deposit Studio (in Calgary, Alberta). Five singles reached Top 20 on the European charts, and ‘If I Reached You’ climbed to Top Five in Europe's ECMA chart.

All songs on the debut album were written and produced by Country Music Hall of Famer Ray Griff. What others are saying about Corinda’s singing:

  • "Corinda's presence, voice and power bewitches any room blessed with her singing" - Jayme Macfayden, Ox and Angela
  • "I've seen Corinda sing for over a decade. Always amaaazing" - Gary McCowan, Canadian Progress Club

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Order Corinda's newly-released "Climbing Towers" here, as well as her 2015 release "This Unexpected Love" Album on CDbaby, and her 2004 debut album "For the Love of It" (recorded as "Cori Chandler", written & produced by the legendary Ray Griff) here:

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