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European Radio DJ Comments About Corinda Chandler

Here are some comments received from European radio DJs, on Corinda's first album, "For The Love Of It":

'... a new crossover popstar.' Ted Clark, Grensland Radio Holland

'... a very great album, many of the songs are becoming my favourite tracks.' Lars Lindberg, MCWC Radio, Sweden

'... it's a great song I loved it right away.' Roel Stabler, Radio MG Holland

'... great music... she has the look and all that goes with it ' Big Al Watts, 106.7 fnd, Australia

'... fantastic song... the listeners love it!' Dominique Lemarechel, Radio RCT, France

'... this girl has something special, let's hear more"' Jim Johnson, Scene Magazine (10) UK

'.., excellent vocals.' Sam Harris, BBC Radio Newcastle (10) UK

'...well sung.' John Brookfield, Pathfinder Magazine UK

' ...Terrific... very good musician and a beautiful voice.' Alain Demers (10), Brest France

'... lovely vocals and great song.' Alan Potter, Harrogate Radio, UK

'... excellent performance!' Laurence Richardson, Country Music Roundup Magazine (10), UK

'... a beautiful voice' Doc Shulze, Radio Eurohertz, Germany

'... lovely voice and great potential' Gerry Ford, Country Music and Dance Magazine' UK

'... love this.' (10) Frank Hambleton, The Edge FM Radio, UK

'... Canada's own new 'Country Princess', Cori Chandler released her exciting first album entitled 'For The Love Of It', in late 2002.' Dr. Paul Davis, first line to appear in Country Roundup Magazine and Traditional Music Maker in the next two months.

'... excellent debut' Barry Thistleton, Country Music Roundup Magazine, UK

'... refreshingly different' Jan Brookfield, Linedance DJ,UK

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